6 Nov 2022 - Minor updates

Included in this release:

  • Project number added to project name
  • SQL Views updates

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Project number added to Project Name

If using project numbers, the number is shown at the start of the project name. Also updated on CSV exports.

  • Forecasts: My Forecasts, All Forecasts
  • Invoices: All Invoices, Ready for Finance, Awaiting Payment, Overdue
  • Expenses: MY Expense Claims, All Expenses, Reimbursable, Company Paid
  • Reports: Forecasts by Project, Margin by Project, Month End Projected Burn
  • Within a company: Forecasts, Invoicing, Risks

SQL Views

Additional columns added.

  • InvoiceLineID column added to BI.FactInvoiceLineExpenseClaim, BI.FactInvoiceLines, BI.FactInvoiceLineUserTask
  • CostRateCardID to BI.FactProjectTimesheets