Creating Projects, Budgets & Timecodes

Creating a project and assigning budget and timecodes is nice and easy and is a great way to start seeing your Projectworks environment come alive.

Key terms:

  • Company - this is a customer or service provider your business uses. A company needs to be created before a project so you can assign the project to them.

Tip: We also recommend creating yourself as a company if you want to keep track of your internal expenses.

  • Project - a project is created and assigned to a company. Within the project, you can manage the budget, timesheets and understand projected revenue. You can also resource people to complete tasks within a project. You can create as many projects as you want.

  • Budget - adding a budget to your project is optional but recommended if you wish to view revenue forecasting. You have the choice of creating one single budget for the whole project, or to split the budget up if it’s in phases, functions or milestones.

  • Timecodes - the timecodes are what will appear on your people’s timesheets to allocate their time to. Adding timecodes are optional, but are needed for your people to be able to enter timesheets. You can create many timecodes as you need.

Step 1: Create a Company

As mentioned above you’ll need to create a company so you can attach your Project to it. The video below runs you through creating a company. [3m:50s]

Step 2: Create a Project

Once you’ve got your company loaded you can get underway with creating your first project, exciting! The video below runs you through creating a project. [2m:27s]


Step 3: Adding Budgets and Timecodes

This step is optional but if you’re keen to take advantage of Projectworks’ forecasting and time-sheeting engines then you’ll want to allocate budget and timecodes to your project. The video below runs you through completing these two steps.  [3m:14s]


Tip: You can clone your project! If you’re pretty proud of the project you’ve just created and you know you’ll need more just like it, you can “clone” your project to save you precious time duplicating those steps for each one. To clone your project simply click on “Projects” on the left-hand navigator to see all your projects. You’ll notice three horizontal dots on the far right-hand-side of each project. If you click these an option to “Clone Project” will appear: