FAQs on custom reports


Considerations when editing reports

Please do not allow more than one person to edit a report at a time, otherwise two or more people may accidentally save changes at the same time, causing the report to become corrupted.


Projectworks data sources

When reports are viewed, any report datasources that have a name that ends with "Projectworks" (eg. staff_Projectworks) will automatically be set to the correct connection string.


Connecting new datasources to Projectworks

When adding a new data connection to Projectworks, it is important to use the correct Connection String configuration. You can find this in a number of ways:

  • Copy an existing connection and change the select command
  • Create a new report or edit an existing report, then check the connection info and copy it in when creating a new connection using the Data Source wizard from the Components list.

Note that a connection should have the following settings:

Property Value
CommandTimeout 30
ProviderName System.Data.SqlClient
ConnectionString Data Source=[replace with your database server address];Initial Catalog=[replace with your database name];User ID=[replace with your user name];Password=[replace with your password];
ConnectionString example Data Source=pwdemo.database.windows;Initial Catalog=PW_DEMO;User ID=pw_bi_demo_admin;Password=CSsnRyjNa7tU2jEgW9VtxCkBeG3pu4QpGpe2MBWJUYBCSsnRyjNa7tU2jEgW9;


All the ConnectionString properties can be found when viewing the login details for the BI Admin user, from the SQL Logins section, under Integration settings, in the Admin area:

ConnectionString Property Where to find it
Data source The value from Database Server
Initial catalog The value from Database
User ID The value from User
Password The value from Password


Other data sources

  • Static JSON / CSV
  • SQL
  • API