Installing the Chrome extension for start/stop timer

Use the Chrome extension for a start/stop timer to help with doing your timesheet

The Chrome extension is installed at an individual level (not organisation level). This means each person who wants to log time through the plugin must individually install it.

However, your Projectworks environment will need to have the integration enabled to allow people to use it to log their time to their timesheet.

Enabling the Chrome Extension within your environment

To enable users to log time from the chrome extension, the Chrome integration must be added within your Projectworks environment.

This will need to be done by your Projectworks administrator.

Enable the Chrome extension - to allow it to work for people who install it


Installing the plugin

Each person who wants to use the extension will need to install it into their Chrome profile.

The extension can be installed from the chrome web store

Install the Projectworks time tracking extension

Pin the plugin 

It is recommend to pin the Projectworks extension in Chrome to make it easy to access. 
pin PW extension3

Learn how to use the Chrome extension to log your time in Projectworks

Project Settings

The Chrome extensions does not need to be enabled for logging time to any projects.

People will be able to log time to any timecode that they have the ability to log time to from within Projectworks. There isn't the ability to create new timecodes in this process.