Log time from Jira into Projectworks

Projectworks can be integrated with Jira, allowing people to log time to their timesheet from within Jira.


Learn about:

Installing the Projectworks time tracking app

The app needs to be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace by a user with admin credentials for Jira.

Learn how to install the app


Configuring Projectworks projects

The ability to log time from Jira is configured on a project by project basis within Projectworks. The configuration is setup on the settings > time page within each project.

To link the project to Jira simply tick the Allow time logging from Jira option.

Jira - int v2

Control which Jira projects can log time

There are two options to control which Jira projects can log time into the Projectworks project.

  • Allow time logging from any Jira project: Use this option if you want to allow time from any Jira project to be able to be logged against the Projectworks project.
  • Restrict time logging to a single Jira project: Use this option if you only want time from a specific Jira project to be logged to the Projectworks project. 

When using the restrict time logging to a single Jira project option you will need to enter the Jira project key to establish the relationship.

Link to existing timecodes, or create new ones from Jira tickets

There are two option for how time logged from Jira will be recorded into the project in Projectworks.

  • Log Jira time against existing timecodes: People can log time, but can only choose existing timecodes in the project
  • New timecode per Jira ticket: Each Jira ticket will be created as a timecode in Projectworks allowing you to easily see how much time is being logged per ticket.

When using the new timecode per Jira ticket option you will need to select the budget line that timecodes will be created in.

The Jira ticket number and name will be used for the timecode name. 


Configure your Projectworks project to allow time logging from Jira


Logging time to Projectworks from Jira

Allowing people to log time

Only people assigned to an access level that provides access to log time from Jira will be able to use the Projectworks time tracker app.

You Projectworks administrator will be able to help with checking how the access levels have been set up.

Accessing the Projectworks time tracker app

Login to Projectworks from within a Jira ticket. Simply click

  • Open Projectworks time tracking
  • Login
  • Enter your Projectworks credentials or login with Microsoft

You'll then be logged into Projectworks and be able to log time to your timesheet from within a Jira ticket

Login to Projectworks from within a Jira ticket

Log time to your Projectworks timesheet

Once connected to Projectworks you can search for the project or timecode that your are logging time to.

If the Projectworks project is set up to allow time to be logged to existing timecodes you will need to select the timecode. Otherwise, just select the project and your time will be logged directly to the timecode for the Jira ticket.


Log time to your Projectworks timesheet from within Jira



FAQ's and troubleshooting

Here are a few questions or scenarios you might encounter.


Unable to login

if you are unable to login to Projectworks you need to contact your Projectworks administrator.

Things that could prevent you from logging in include:

  • Your user may not have been granted permission to log time to Projectworks
  • You may have entered your credentials incorrectly

Can't find the project or timecode you want to log time to

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to find the project or timecode you want to log time to. Contact your project manager and ask them to check the project in Projectworks.

The reason may be:

  • The Projectworks project hasn't been configured to allow time logging from Jira
  • The project, budget or timecode is no longer active

How to change a time entry that has been logged

Any changes to your Projectworks timesheet need to be done in Projectworks. Once the time is logged from Jira, all the normal rules for editing your timesheet apply.