Adding a new user

This page gives you a step by step of adding a new user to your Projectworks environment.

Note: A 'Person' and a 'User' are the same thing.

Step 1:

Click "+ New" -> "Person", to bring up the details box. 

Step 11

If you don't see "Person" as an option in this drop-down box, then you won't have the appropriate access to add a new person. Contact us:

Step 2:

The "New User" box has six sections you can fill out:

  1. User Information (Needed)
  2. Account Details (Needed)
  3. Assign User Roles (Needed)
  4. Profile Photo (Optional)
  5. Posting Options (Optional but recommended)
  6. Posting Details (Optional but recommended)

There is minimal information needed to create a user, however, in most cases, you will also create the posting for the person as part of the user creation process. While it is possible to create the posting later, it considered best practice to create the posting at the same time to avoid forgetting to complete it at a later date.

1. User Information

The user information is pretty straightforward and involves the key information about who the person is.

Make sure their email address is correct as this can't be edited later. You will need to contact us if you've created a user with the wrong email:

Step 2

2. Account Details

  • Login ticked: This will create a Projectworks account for this person, where they can log in and access your environment.
  • Welcome Email ticked: This will send the user an email welcoming them to Projectworks and prompt them to activate their account and login once you click the "Create" button at the end. 


  • If you don't want to invite a user to log in just yet, you can invite them later via the admin settings. Click here to see how. 
  • The user needs to activate their account and set their password before they can log in. The link in the welcome email is valid for 7 days, if not activated in that time a new welcome email will need to be sent. Instructions on how to do that here.

3. Assign User Roles

User roles need to be assigned to provide access to various screens and features. Select the relevant roles to provide the necessary access for the user. User roles can be added or removed in the future.

Click here for more information on User Roles.

4. Profile Photo

This is optional, and if you choose to upload an image it will show up on that person's profile page:

5. Posting Options

By clickling the above option a Posting will be created for this user. A posting is recommended to allow a user to be resourced to projects and fill in timesheets. 

6. Posting Details

Postings provide essential information about a person and their place within the organisation. The details included in each posting is used to feed into your organisation structure (Org Chart) by putting people into the right teams and offices. It also provides information for capacity planning and budgets as it defines the working arrangements, billing/utilisation targets, and default charge rate.

If you follow best practice and create their first posting as part of the user creation process it will have a start date of the employee start date, and be an open-ended posting (no end date will be set). Should you create the first posing once the user has been created you will need to set the start date manually to be the same as the employee start date.

Once you're happy with all the information you've put in about your new user simply click "Create", and you're all done! See below for further information to do with managing users.