Overview of Resourcing

Resourcing is a cornerstone fundamental within Projectworks and provides a lot of information that feeds into many aspects of the wider business.

The most basic principle of resourcing is:

"How many hours of effort per week is a person needed on a certain project"

There are two ways to pivot the view of resourcing, at a person level or a project level. 

  • At the person level you can see and maintain what projects a person is resourced to, and add new projects to their resourcing. 
  • From the project level, you can see and maintain what people are resourced to the project for any given week, and add further people if required.

When looking at the resourcing at an individual project level, there are more advanced options available, such as the ability to swap a resource, or export a CSV file of resource allocations.

Resourcing is:

  • a booking system to show the amount of effort you need on a project for a given week
  • used to record activities that are billable, sales focused, internal work - and even leave is presented on resourcing
  • based on the capacity (hours per week) for individuals
  • recorded as hours per week

Resourcing isn't:

  • assigning timecodes to people
  • scheduling a project (timelines)
  • a replacement for speaking to people

Resourcing can help:

  • Identify people or teams which are under (or over) utilized
  • Inform sales strategies, targeting selling work which can be delivered by current or upcoming capacity
  • Inform future hiring decisions - it can highlight a shortage of people/skills to deliver a pipeline of opportunities or commitments
  • Predict the future financial performance of a project - does the value of resourcing correspond to the budget available

Budget level resourcing

As well as the ability to resource at a project level, resourcing at budget level is also available. Budget level resourcing allows Project Managers more granular control and visibility of their resourcing if required. Budget level resourcing can only be managed and viewed from projects that have budget level resourcing enabled.

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