Report designer overview

The designer has a powerful user interface that can be confusing at first, this page breaks down the designers' capabilities and how you can make use of them.

Report Designer

  • Design surface: Shows the design layout of the report. Provides tools for selecting, moving, resizing and editing the report items.
  • Menu area: Provides buttons for saving or previewing the report.
  • Properties area: displays the properties of the selected report item. In case multiple items are selected, shows only the properties that are marked as "mergeable", in other words properties that can be applied to all items in the current selection. The list of the properties can be organized in categories or in alphabetical order.
  • Components: lists the available report components that can be added to the report. The items are organized in groups based on their type. The area supports two kinds of layout - grid and list. List is the default view.
  • Explorer: represents the report structure in a tree-like view. Allows the selection of the visual and non-visual report components and configures their properties.