Timesheet FAQs and Troubleshooting

Here are some answers to FAQs and help with troubleshooting any issues with your timesheet.

We've collated a bunch of questions that we have heard from people into a series of FAQs. These can also be useful for troubleshooting if you are having challenges with your timesheet.

There is a list of timesheet related FAQs for Project Managers as well.

General questions

Why does my timesheet have no timecodes on it?

Timesheets start empty unless you have pinned timecodes. If all your pinned timecodes are no longer available or not valid for the date you are viewing your timesheet will be empty. You will need to add the timecodes again - and pin them if you want them to stay on your timesheet.

TIP: If you used the timecode the previous day/week go to that date and pin the timecode.

How do I keep timecodes I use often on my timesheet?

Timecodes that use you use often can be pinned to your timesheet and be there each day/week for you. You can pin the timecode by clicking the pin icon to the left of the timecode name, or selecting "pin timecode" from the button to the right of the timecode name.

How do I add a timecode to my timesheet?

Click the "add timesheet entry" button to locate the timesheet you need to add. You can search by the company or project name (or both). When you locate the project select the timecode/s you want to add to your timesheet. Remember to pin the timecode if you will be using it for awhile or often.

Do I need an app to enter my timesheet from my phone?

No you don't. Projectworks is a responsive website which means it works well on your phone. Use your phone's browser to open Projectworks and navigate to your timesheet (save the URL as a favourite!).

Is there a timer which will track how long I work on a timecode?

No. We currently don't have a timer integrated with our timesheet. Does your Project Manager (or customer) really need you to enter 1:02 instead of 1:00?

What format do I enter time in?

All time is stored in minutes, but you can enter it in three different formats. You can either enter the number of minutes (eg 90), hours and minutes (eg 1:30) or hours as decimals (eg 1.5). All of these will be saved and shown on your timesheet as 1:30. If you click the arrow to the right of the time entry cell there are time values in 15 minute increments which you can select from.

Can I change between the day and week mode?

Yes you can. You can change between the week and day view whenever you want, and as often as you want. In fact we encourage you to have a go with both options and see which one suits you best. You might even find that you switch between the modes depending on what you are working on at any time.

Why isn't a timecode showing on my timesheet anymore?

There are a lot of reasons a timecode isn't showing on your timesheet. The project or timecode may have been closed, the timecode end date has passed or the timecode start date has been moved to be in the future. Or you could have been removed from the timecode by the Project Manager. 

Remember, if a timecode isn't pinned it won't show on your timesheet unless it has time entered for that day/week. Likewise a timecode will always show if it does have time entered for that day/week. If the timecode you need is no longer showing, use the "add timesheet entry" option to add it to your timesheet again.

Can I record time against the same time more than once in a day?

Yes you can, but this is only available in the day view. If you are using week view, you can increase the amount of time you have entered against a timecode, and add extra detail into your comment if you choose.

Can I see how many hours I have worked on a timecode this week?

This information isn't shown on your timesheet. 

Why do holidays and leave show in my timesheet?

Public holidays and your leave that has been approved in Projectworks are automatically represented in your timesheet. This is so your day/week is complete and accurate. 

You are still able to record time on holidays - but we think if you're on holiday then you shouldn't be working.

How can I remove a timecode from my timesheet?

There are a lot of variables here, however:

  • If the timecode has no time against it for the day/week you are viewing, select remove timecode.
  • If the timecode has time against it for the day/week you are viewing, select remove timecode. Any time for that timecode will also be removed. Note: if any of the time is no longer editable (eg has been included on an invoice) you will not be able to remove the timecode from that day/week

For Project Managers

Can I force a timecode to go on someone's timesheet?

No, you can assign the timecode to them and let them know it is available. If you really want you can go to their timesheet and pin the timecode for them (assuming your permissions - have been set up to allow this).

How do I move time that has been recorded in the wrong place?

If you find someone has entered time against the wrong timecode you can move it for them. Go to their timesheet for the day/week the time has been entered. If the correct timecode isn't on their timesheet you will need to add it. You can then move the entries from the wrong code into the correct one (using the cut and paste options will help). Note that time won't be able to be moved if the timecode is no longer available to that person, or has been included on an invoice already. If you pin the correct timecode it will stay on their timesheet for them. Alternatively, you can let the person know and ask them to move it themselves.

How do I see how many hours have been worked by someone on my project?

The best way to track the time that has been worked on your project is from within the project. The timecodes screen for a project includes a lot of information including how many hours have been allocated and worked. From the timecode, you can even view the timesheet entries that have been entered against that timecode. For more detailed analysis you can export the timesheets for the project to a CSV file and use filters and/or pivot tables.