17 Apr 2018

This is the first release since the base product entered production in a closed beta phase. The initial deployment has gone very smoothly, but as expected a few items appeared quite quickly (the result of getting 150 users active on the same day) Nothing like a set of fresh eyes.

Please email support@projectworks.io if you have any questions about what has been released.


  • Project Resourcing: Calculation of resourced amount changed to be calculated based on the highest rate of a task each person is assigned to.
  • Rack rate now shown in the posting section of a Person's Profile page
  • Job Title: A Person's Job Title is shown as their heading in the People section (instead of their position). The job title is also shown in the search results

Bug Fixes

  • Timesheet exports have been updated. The format of "hours worked" in the CSV/PDF files is now in decimals, rather than hh:mm. Eg, a time entry of 1:45 will be shown as 1.75 in the report.