27 Apr 2018

To cap a pretty big month in the life of Project Works, we have a good supply of minor tweaks ready for you as well as getting rid of a few bugs.

Please contact support@projectworks.io if you have any questions or feedback. 


  • Removing yourself from a timecode will still show it on your timesheet in a week where you had recorded time against it.
  • Now includes a total worked per project
  • The "assign timecode cog" has been relocated to the right of the project name


  • You can now apply for more leave than your daily capacity. This is to allow people with irregular work weeks to apply for the correct amount of leave - talk to HR is you have questions.
    If you are applying for more hours than your standard day, it will be highlighted pink to draw your attention to it.
  • If applying for less than a full day of leave the message has been corrected - it was saying "1 day
  • Your homepage will only show leave you need to review for your direct reports (was including indirect reports too)
  • Leave requests now show who created it and when


  • Feedback on a person is now ordered with the most recent first
  • Feedback on a person can only be deleted by the HR team

Project Forecasting

  • You can now go back to previous months to see what was forecast. Note: The Change Log can be accessed by clicking the forecast amount (so you can refer to your reasons for the forecasts)


  • Debtors: Filters have been added added
  • Client & Project Forecasting: Overview section not shown when filtered to a Client/Project Manager
  • People Timesheets: Added filter for Billable staff
  • Project Tasks: New "Worked" tab included on the Edit Task window. It shows all timesheet entries against the task, the invoice the time was associated and the effective earn amount for the work
  • Project Details: Resourcing is now shown alongside the worked amounts of people on the project. This supplements the view of who has contributed to the project, with a picture of who is scheduled to keep working on the project.