28 May 2018

The latest release included a general "spruce-up" of the visual design, implementation of collapsible and sticky headers and a bunch of minor tweaks. Please contact  support@projectworks.io if you have any questions or feedback. 

Please email  support@projectworks.io if you have any questions about what has been released.


  • A site wide visual design tidy up has been done. You might notice that the fonts (sizes) have altered, and things are generally looking mote consistent. The icon usage has been improved too.
  • Collapsible headers have been implemented providing increased flexibility when viewing tables
  • Delete has become more informative. If something is unable to be deleted a descriptive message is shown explaining why a delete isn't possible. Alternate options are then presented.


  • The dates and total rows are now "sticky" and will show as you scroll down the page
  • The current day is now highlighted blue and weekends are shaded grey
  • Time recorded against on-call tasks is now excluded from the main daily total. with a separate On-Call total shown


  • The ability to edit and resubmit leave for dates in the past is now restricted to People Managers or HR. You can of course still apply for leave retrospectively


  • The Invoicing screen will default to "All financial years" unless you have selected a specific FY (previously it would not retain the "All" filter".
  • The Details screen layout has been changed - The "Resource Worked Resourced-Hours" panel is now in the middle, and :"Additional Details" is at the bottom right.
  • The Forecasting screen always default to the current month (rather than retaining your previous selection)
  • The "Created" and "Updated" audit information now includes the time as well as the date. This can be seen on the task, resourcing and invoice modals.
  • The CSV export of Projects (from within a Client) has been expanded to include Active and Project Type
  • Month End Screen: Even when entering a comment for a Recoverability exception, the project was still showing the exception warning icon. This is fixed now.
  • A project can only be deleted if: 
    • No resourcing has been entered (prior to the current week)
    • No forecast has ever been entered
    • No timesheet entries are recorded
    • No invoices or accruals have been created

Once a forecast has been entered a project can not be deleted as the forecast history is used in a number of financial reports.

  • A project can only be archived if:
    • There are no forecasts entered for the current and future months
    • There is no unbilled time remaining
    • There is no resourcing for the current week onwards

If there is any future data loaded it needs to be removed, and all timesheet entries "billed" before a project can be deleted.

Client & Project Forecasting (Change Logs)

  • The format of the date has been changed to include the day to make it easier to know when a change was made. This applies to the Client and Projects Forecasting screens.


  • The Invoicing screen will default to "All financial years" unless you have selected a specific FY (previously it would not retain the "All" filter".


  • When swapping resourcing from a shadow (to a user or another shadow), the shadow will be automatically deleted


  • The Leave Calendar can now also be filtered to show Pending or Approved leave
  • If you try to access a page for a person you aren't authorised to see you will be bounced to their profile page. EG, This could happen if you were looking at your performance page then search for your boss)
  • Bug fixed in the People Directory CSV Export - non-billable people are now included in the export (and "billable" column added) 


  • Invoice Directory: XERO feed CSV now includes the "Office Name" in the "TrackingName" column of the export
  • The Invoice payment email now includes the buy price for non-services line items on invoices
  • Finance periods screen only shows offices which are active
  • Forecasting screen now has option to filter to include or exclude inter-co GL Codes
  • Debtors screen has been overhauled
    • Columns aligned in all tables, so you can scan down the page easily (and sticky headers)
    • Collapsible headers implemented on office and client
    • Totals shown for each client


  • Performance Periods can now be created in the admin section
  • New field added to the Add User screen. The "Send welcome email" option provides the option for a Welcome Email to automatically be sent to the user when the account is created. The Welcome email can be manually sent in the future from the Users screen.
    Note: This was implemented to prevent emails getting "orphaned/bounced" if a user is set up in advance of an email account being activated.