23 Aug 2018

There isn't a lot in this release - other than the introduction of a charting framework and the first wave of graphs being implemented. Yeah OK. That is quite a big deal as it provides the foundation for more graphical goodness to come. It really is exciting times.

Please contact support@projectworks.io if you have any questions or feedback. 

Forecasting Graphs

The new graphs are on the Client Forecasting, Project Forecasting and Finance Forecasting screens. The screens contain all the information they used to with the addition of graphs and new visuals. The graphs are based on how you filter the page, so you can narrow it down to see just your portfolio, just your office, or everything.

Client & Project Forecasting

The Client and Project Forecasting graphs also plot the value of work (from timesheets) on a daily basis.This allows you to watch worked and forecasts converge throughout the month and are the perfect way to see forecasts at a Client Manager or Project Manager level.

See forecasts at a client or project level

Finance Forecasting 

The Finance Forecasting graph is the highest level forecast and show progress to budget. It is also easy to see the net change in forecasts since the day before so your finger is always on the pulse.

Finance forecasting - highest level of finance report