25 Nov 2018

Projectworks is integrated with Xero and Quickbooks

It's been a couple of months since the last release but we haven't been goofing off. The team has been working hard on the financial sections, with deeper integration with XERO and Quickbooks completed. The financial sections now offer wider support for international customers, with enhanced currency handling and support for multiple tax types as well. 

Please email  support@projectworks.io if you have any questions about what has been released.

Read on to see the what is included in version. 


Main features of this release 

This release is all about integration with accounting systems. Project Works now plays nicely with XERO and Quickbooks.

  • Accounting system integration - Xero
  • Accounting system integration - Quickbooks

Bug fixes & little tweaks

As well as the big rocks in the release, there were wee bugs squashed and a few little refinements.

  • Pre-bill invoices can now have timesheet entries from "future" months added to them more easily.
  • Tax Types are now set on an invoice line basis, rather than for an entire invoice. This supports international requirements and better alignment with accounting packages..
    • This means an invoice could have 3 lines which include sales tax (eg NZ GST) and an invoice line which has no GST
  • Archiving a project:
    • A project can now be archived if there is a forecast for the current month (but can't be forecasts in a future month).
    • Sales and Internal projects can now be archived (it was being prevented as there were timesheet entries which aren't invoiced which doesn't apply for non-billable projects).
  • Project forecast screen: Clicking the module now opens the modules page for the project.
  • Admin features
    • Tax Types can be created, with description, rate and jurisdiction
    • Currencies can be added/enabled so projects and invoices can be for whichever currency is required
    • Accounting integration set up (eg XERO and Quickbooks)

Accounting system integration

Up until this release integration with XERO was limited and relied on exporting CSV files from Project Works and loading them into XERO. This allowed for invoices generated in Project Works to be loaded into XERO to be reconciled in the General Ledger. The invoice data could also be used in XERO to generate invoices to customers.

Project Works now integrates with XERO through their APIs making it faster and easier to keep Project Works and XERO reconciled. Integration with Quickbooks has also been implemented. 

XERO Integration

  • Admin section to connect Project Works to XERO
  • Link Project Works GL Codes with XERO account names
  • Export invoices from Project Works to XERO
  • Reconcile invoice payments from XERO to Project Works
  • Supports association with multiple XERO accounts (if you have offices running their own General Ledger)

Refer to the XERO Integration article for the details of how Project Works and XERO have been integration

Quickbooks Integration