14 Dec 2018

As promised, we have a final release for 2018. It is very much a maintenance release, with some small (but not necessarily insignificant) fixes. 

Please email support@projectworks.io if you have any questions about what has been released.

Default Tax Type for a client

As part of the integration with accounting systems release (Version 1.43) the ability to add and maintain tax types was provided. Each office in Project Works had a default Tax Type set which was used to default the tax type for each line on an invoice. A default Tax Type can now be set at a client level to allow for more accurate defaulting of tax types for each office. This will be helpful where you may have clients in different locations with different tax rules, all managed via a single office in Project Works.

Default tax types

A Default Tax Type can be selected in the Finance and Invoicing details section on the Client details screen.

  • The droplist includes all tax types that have been set up for the office.
  • If selected, all invoice lines for invoices issued for the client will default to this tax type.
  • A default doesn't need to be set on a client, the default for the Office will be used instead.

How Tax Types are defaulted

When invoices are created, the tax type for each invoice line will be defaulted based in the first "true" statement, from the following trumping criteria:

  1. If the client the invoice is for has a default tax type set, each line on the invoice will use that tax type by default.
  2. If the office has a default tax type set, each line on the invoice will use that tax type by default.
  3. If none of the defaults above are met, the tax type will default to blank (not set) 

Note: The Tax Type can be changed on any invoice line if required.

Xero integration - tuning

A few things have been noticed and needed a little bit of tuning to ensure they were performing correctly. The following things are h=been remedied:

  • Filters set on the Debtors screen are being used to pass through to Xero when reconciling payments. This helps with performance as it will only check for invoice payments as per the filters that have been set.
  • When exporting invoices to Xero the process for comparing Project Works Billing Contact with contact names is no longer case sensitive. An contacts which did not match on case were being duplicated.in Xero.
  • The reconcile modal was not loading if there were too many invoices to reconcile. The query has now been split into batches so the modal will load with a high volume of invoices.

Finance Forecasting

The finance forecasting screen shows forecast information for a month, measured against a budget (which could be for an office). The "total forecast change since yesterday" is now also shown for future months, rather than just the current calendar month. 

Refer to the Finance forecasting article for more information.

Bug fixes & little tweaks

As well as the introduction of the "project burn" screens for clients and projects we fixed up a few pesky gremlins.

  • Withdrawing an invoice was resetting tax type to the Office Default. This has been fixed - the tax type will persist through all statuses.
  • FTE calculation of People Utilisation screens has been fixed - statutory holidays weren't being removed from the working days for a month.
    • A person's FTE is calculated as their (raw capacity for a month less statutory holidays) divided by (working days in the month - statutory holidays)
    • Note: Raw capacity is based on each person's work week profile, for the days of the month,