12 Jan 2019

The team have been working hard on converting Project Works to a multi-tenanted architecture. That is nearly complete and will be deployed in the near future. While that has been going on some support activity has been taking place. The support work includes a few bug fixes, some refinements to existing features and some new admin screens

The change that will be most visible to everyone is the addition of staff photos and client logos. Oh, and there is also an organisation chart to show how all the people fit in.

Please email support@projectworks.io if you have any questions about what has been released.

Organisation Chart

To supplement the people directory, an organisation chart has been added into the People Section. The organisation chart provides a view of the hierarchy within your organisation, showing team structures and reporting lines. You can explore the structure of your organisation and see who reports to who. See photos (if loaded) and base details for each person.

When you first go to the organisation chart, it will be centered on you, showing your line manager (one up) and any direct reports you have (one down). To move through the structure of the organisation you can click on the card of a person (eg your manager) and the chart will update to be centered on them. You can also select a name from the droplist (top left) to quickly focus the chart on them.

The organization charr is built on the information of your users.

Navigation tips

  • Click and drag the chart to move left and right, up and down
  • There is a zoom control (top right) to zoom in and out
  • Select a name from the droplist to center the chart on them

Project Forecast Change Log

Prior to this release, the full project forecast change log was only accessible from the Projects Forecasting screen. The change log can now be accessed from the forecast screen for an individual project - so you can see the change history from within the project.you no longer need to go to the Projects Forecasting screen to see this.

Forecast change log

Minor changes

  • A new "Upcoming Actions" panel has been added to the Project Works dashboard. Any actions that you are the owner of will be shown on your dashboard when you log in. 
  • Quick links added to each person on the People Directory, so you can go straight to a specific screen(eg Leave or resourcing) for a person
  • The Client Upcoming screen has been updated with an "owner" filter added.
  • Projects Directory can now be filtered by Client Manager
  • View a persons work week profile (scheduled hours per day) by hovering over their capacity on the posting panel on their profile, or from the posting screen
  • Direct Reports have been added into the Posting panel, so you can see who reports (directly) to a person.
  • The status of invoices is no longer shown beneath the invoice amount on the Project Invoices, Client Invoices, Finance Invoice Directory and Finance Ready Invoices screen. However, the status icon remains making so it is very clear what status an invoice is..

Admin Section

  • The Tax Types screen has been updated so Tax types can be associated with an office, or multiple offices now. This flows through to the invoice creation process and when creating or editing a client - you can only choose Tax Types that are enabled for the office the client is attached to.
  • The Holidays screen has been improved so it is easier to see what holidays have been set up for each office (filter by year and calendar).
  • New screens to add/edit recoverability and forecast exception reasons used on the Month End screen.
  • New screen to add/edit invoice line over-ride options to be available when creating invoices.
  • A new option of "restricted" has been added to Office Budgets, to allow any more sensitive budgets to be made available to targeted people.

Staff Photos and Client Logos

Throughout the application there are icons used to represent different entities - such as clients and people. Included in this release is the ability to load staff photos and client logos which will be used in place of the icons on various screens.

  • Staff photos can be added to a person's profile, with a thumbnail visible throughout the application (eg in search, people directory and resourcing screens). The image needs to be a square and in either jpg or png format.
  • Client logos can be added to a client profile, with a thumbnail visible throughout the application (eg in search and client directory). The image needs to be a square and in either jpg or png format. 

Office Budgets

Multiple budgets can be created and added against an office. Having different budgets allows financial progress to be measured against different benchmarks. While some organisations may choose to allow a variety of staff to see office budgets, there may be some budgets which are to be restricted.

To support this budgets are either set as open or restricted when they are created. A new service point has been added to control who can see the restricted budgets. The list of budgets on the Finance Forecasting and Budget Manager screen will only include the restricted budgets for people that have service point assigned to them.