1 Apr 2019 - Multi Tenancy

Introducing Project Works 2.0 – Multi Tenancy

Feature updates have taken a back seat for the past month or so while the team has been working on a major under the hood re-engineering project. The fundamental change is that Project Works is now a single application rather than a separate application for each customer. For those who are interested, we are using the Database Per Tenant design pattern, which means each customer still has its own database for maximum tenant isolation (i.e. security) but allows us to pool resources.

While most of our customers shouldn’t notice much difference, there are a few things worthy of note:

  • A single application means getting new features out will be much quicker. We now have a polished release pipeline which means less time is spent on deploying code and more time is spent writing it. You can expect a higher throughput of both new features and enhancements to existing ones.
  • You can now cycle your own API and BI keys.
  • You now get your own subdomain on the projectworksapp.com domain (moved off the azurewebsites.net domain)
  • Through the power of the cloud, and features like elastic database pools, all customers should have a performance boost.
  • This is the first step to allowing single sign-on (i.e. Azure ADFS and Google Identity).
  • Sandboxes with dummy data can be spun up on the fly, and dummy data in existing sandboxes can be refreshed in minutes.

Thank you to all our loyal customers who have worked with us to get this far, and we look forward to getting some new features out to you shortly (with Gross Margin Analysis and Expense Claims being the first cabs off the rank).