30 May 2019 - Expense Claims

Expense claims can now be entered, tagged to a client or project. Gross margin reporting has been extended.

Following on from last month's release, the next round of gross margin reporting is now available. Margin reporting is now available at a person, team or office level, as well as a "report" which shows the margin details for a portfolio of projects. 

This release also includes the first version of expense claims - allowing employees to submit expense claims for approval. Linking all expense claims to a client/project within Project Works will assist with tracking the costs of delivering a project or supporting a client. 

Finally, there have been two minor improvements made to resourcing. It is now faster to book all capacity for a person onto a project and the grouping of shadow resources on the people resourcing screen has been updated.

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Expense Claims

This first release of expense claims includes the ability for staff to submit an expense claim. All claims need to be associated to a client and/or project, if the claim is for an internal expense it will need to be lodged against your company's internal client or project.

Claims can be approved by the person''s line manager (who will be notified when the claim is submitted) and/or also by a centralised team if you allocate approval privileges to your finance, payroll or HR team.

An admin section is also included where you can set up the necessary expense claim types that your organisation needs to track, and these are linked through to GL Codes for integration and reconciliation with your finance system.

New screens for expense claims have been added:

  • Client Workbench: Lists all expense claims for the client, CSV export available
  • Project Workbench: Lists all expense claims for the project, CSV export available
  • Person Workbench: Lists all expense claims for a person, and where an expense claim is submitted from
  • Finance Expense claim directory: Lists all expense claims, , CSV export available
Create expense claims for reimbursement

Gross margin

Reporting of gross margin has been extended to also be available for an individual, team or office. The People Margin screen can be filtered to an office, manager, or team. As well as calculating the margin the effective rate is calculated for comparison against the rack rates of each person.

To supplement the margin screen for an individual project a Margin screen has been added to the Projects menu. This new screen can be filtered to an office, client manager, project manager or status to provide view of the financial performance for a portfolio of projects.

The margin calculations rely on cost information being loaded against people. This is very sensitive information which is unlikely to be made available to many people within an organisation

Gross margin can be monitored and reported on at a person, project and client level 

For a full overview of gross margin refer to the Gross Margin section.

For a full overview of this feature refer to the Gross Margin section.

Resourcing improvements

Two minor improvements have been made within resourcing.

Booking all available capacity for a person

When adding a resource to a project, and using the "Allocate hours now" you can allocate all available capacity for a specified number of weeks with one click, rather than clicking each week to get the capacity. The number of hours they have available each week will be resourced to the project. You can adjust individual weeks if required.

Quickly book all available capacity for a person

Grouping of "Shadow" resources

Shadow users are added on a project by project basis so it is possible to have multiple shadows with the same attributes (eg Intermediate Technical Engineer in the Wellington office). On the People Resourcing screen shadows with the same attributes are treated as "one person" with the resourcing for each project shown. This makes it easier to see what resourcing has been allocated to

Shadow resources are grouped at the bottom of the team they are assigned to