11 Aug 2019 - Timesheet enhancements

Timesheets have been enhanced and are even easier to use.

As mentioned, we were taking an iterative approach with the changes to the timesheets. 

This release includes the ability to add tasks directly to your timesheet without locating the project first and selecting one of the available tasks. This change makes it faster and easier to do your timesheet. There have also been visual improvements to make it easier to see the projects and tasks on your timesheet. 

A number of other minor improvements have also been made.

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

Timesheets - easier and faster to use

There are now two ways you can search for the timecodes you need. If you currently pin a lot of timecodes you might want to

Advanced search - locate and add straight to your timesheet

The advanced search allows you to search across client, project, module and task names. Clicking the task from the list will add it directly to your timesheet. So if you know the name of the task you need to use this will be the fastest way to get it onto your timesheet.

Just enter a forward slash  /  to start advanced search

Other changes to the timesheets

  • Visual change to how projects and tasks are displayed making them easier to see.
  • Responsive layout fixed for the week view.
  • Visual design improvements on the day view (day headings and alignment).
  • Standard search results: Projects that you have recorded time against in the previous 5 weeks will be shown under the "suggested projects" heading. 
  • In week view you can now edit a cell with multiple entries if there's only a single entry with data. If the cell has multiple entries you will be switched to day view to edit (the task rows will be highlighted).

Refer to the timesheet section for full details on timesheets.


Bench report

A new filter has been added to the Bench report. By default the amount of bench is calculated as a person's capacity less all resourcing they have, including any pencil bookings. Selecting "No" for Include Pencilled will recalculate the availability for each person by excluding any pencil resourcing for them. That means you can see the total bench based on committed resourcing.

Resourcing opportunity projects - no longer classed as pencil booking

While an opportunity project may not happen, we no longer force resourcing of an opportunity project to be a pencil booking.When entering the resourcing on any project you have the option of making it a pencil booking for a committed booking.

Entering resourcing

On all resourcing screens you can now enter resourcing to 1 decimal place - so for those of you that work 7.5 hour days you will be able to enter this on the screen rather than opening the popup.

Finance teams - a couple for you

  • The Debtors screen can now be filtered by office
  • Expense claims can be marked as processed from the expense claim directory (new option included from the button)

API and SQL views

There have been no changes made to the API of SQL views as part of this release.