8 Sep 2019 - Client actions v1

Client actions have been added, providing a very light CRM feature.

The main component of this release is a first step of a light CRM feature that we are working on. 

The first step is and allows actions to be added to a client. Actions can be assigned an owner, can have due dates set, be marked as done and exported to a CSV file for analysis.

Included in the release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

Client actions (first phase of a light CRM)

This is a small step on the way to providing a light CRM feature. The first step allows actions to be added to a client, assign actions to people, mark them as done and export all actions to a CSV file. 

An Actions page has been added to the clients menu, listing all actions for all clients. An actions page has also been added to the menu for an individual client.

  • Actions can be filtered by due date, client, client manager, action status, type and owner.
  • Actions can be exported as a CSV file for reporting and analysis.
  • You can add an action from either pages.
Client actions in action

An "Upcoming actions" widget has been added to the dashboard and will show any actions the logged in user is the owner for,

Bulk update pencil status of resourcing

On the project resourcing screen, you can now change all resourcing for a person to either be penciled or un-penciled. Select the required action from the menu for each person..

Bulk update pencil status of resourcing

API and SQL views

There have been no changes to the API.

The SQL views have been updated. No views (or fields) have been removed. Additional fields added have been added to the following dimensions:

  • [DimClient]
  • [DimModule]
  • [DimOffice]
  • [DimProject]
  • [DimTask]
  • [FactUsers]