22 Sep 2019 - Soft launch of new navigation

New navigation is available for trial - opt-in to test it out.

This release is mainly focussed on implementing improvements to some existing processes. The most noticeable one should be an improvement in performance. Also included in the release is the soft launch of our new navigation with an opt-in beta programme underway. Assuming the beta programme goes well expect to see the new navigation rolled out in October.

Check out the contents of the release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

Feature improvements

We've spent a bit of time making updates to some existing features 

  • Performance improvements: An issue impacting performance was identified and fixed so the app is running more quickly. In particular, you should notice the app "wakes up" much quicker. 
  • Search: The search has also had performance improvements and is nice and snappy. Stay tuned for better (more relevant) search results in the next release. The interaction has been enhanced to include an indicator when a search is happening. 
  • Project resourcing: People who have tasks allocated or have done timesheets will now appear on the resource page for the project - so it's faster to add resourcing for them. People will "fall off" if they have had no resourcing or active tasks for two weeks - but can be added again if needed 
  • Timesheet export: There is a vastly improved and amp'd up timesheet export capability. It is no longer mandatory to select a client, so you can download all timesheets for a date range. You can of course still filter to a client, project or person. Additional information can now be included in the export file, including: 
    • Custom fields data for clients, projects, modules and tasks 
    • Invoicing information (invoice number and effective earn for each timesheet entry) 
    • Leave can be included (unless you are filtered to a client/project) 
    • User Office & Project Office has been added (to assist with inter company reporting) 
    • The new timesheet feature is currently only available in the new navigation (in the Reports section) 
    • Note: You can still download timesheets from within a client, project or person - this export allows you to get a wider range of data and to include extra details of different entities

Project revenue forecasts - update inline

We are working on making it faster to add and edit information, and this release includes a change to how project revenue forecasts are added and edited. 

Up until now, project forecasts were edited using a pop up. This had to be done for each module and each month you were adding or editing a forecast. And, comments were mandatory. You can maintain forecasts faster by editing the forecasts inline on the screen. Comments are no longer enforced as mandatory in Projectworks - however your company may want you to include a comment for each change. The pop up is still used to enter comment. 

Forecasts can be edited inline

API and SQL views

There have been no changes to the API. No existing views have been changed at all, however two new SQL views have been added

  • BI.FactInvoices
  • BI.FactInvoiceLines

New navigation - soft launch (opt-in beta)

We're making some big changes to Projectworks, putting more emphasis on the core functions that you use, and letting you slice and dice things the way you want. First things first - a change to the navigation. We’re moving away from the concepts of People, Projects, Clients, and Finance, and orienting the navigation around the functions of the product: Timesheets, Leave, Invoices etc.

Get in touch with support@projectworks.io If you are interested in joining the beta programme for the new navigation