9 Oct 2019 - Task rate changes

The charge rates for tasks can now be changed but will not change the value for time already recorded.

It's been a busy few weeks for the team and we are excited to tell you about the latest changes we have made. 

The largest change made is providing the ability to change the rate of a task that has already had time invoiced. It might not look like much on the surface but it required a lot of behind the scenes changes to make sure the various calculations were correct. 

Search has been greatly improved. It returns better results, is faster and you can even right click a search result to open it in a new tab. The new version of the navigation has been amended slightly based on feedback through the opt-in beta testing. In the next release the new navigation will become the navigation - so now is a good time to make the switch.

Check out all the details of what has been included in the release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

Ability to change task rates

You could already change the rate a person will be charged for a task. but. once any time on the task was included on an invoice you couldn't alter the rate. This was too restrictive and created an admin overhead if the rate being charged needed to be changed.

We've sorted this now. In it’s most basic description, you can now change the rate on a task at any time and only “unbilled” time will be updated to use the new rate. For clarity:

  • The task rate assigned to a person can be changed at any time (even if time has been invoiced)
  • The new rate will only be applied to:
    • time entries not included on any invoice
    • time entries included on invoices with a status of draft or approved
  • The value of all time entries on invoices with a status of Ready or Published will remain unchanged, at the original rate:

A message is shown if you change the rate of a task that a person has recorded time against. " All unbilled time will be updated to the new rate."

Rates can now be changed on tasks that have work already done, but won't change any time that has been invoiced

What exactly is "billed" time

As part of allowing the rate charged for a task to be changed we reviewed the way we class time as billed. This was essential to define as only time that was unbilled can have the rate changed.The status of invoices is used to determine whether time is billed or unbilled. Most organisations have a delineation of responsibility between the preparing invoices and dispatching invoices. Once an invoice has reached the ready status the details of the invoice are "locked" and can't be changed prior to being dispatched to the customer.

Tables can't be imported directly. Please insert an image of your table which can be found here.

Draft Awaiting approval Ready Published
Unbilled Unbilled Billed Billed


The various calculations throughout the app have been updated to reflect that difference between billed and unbilled time. For example, on the Invoicing screen for a project, the Total Invoiced shown is the sum of all invoices that are ready or published. however, the total beneath the table of invoices is the total of all the invoices regardless of the status.

Revenue forecasts: edit all your forecasts on one screen

With the change to the new navigation we added forecasts to the main navigation. Initially you could only change the forecast for one project at a time which we knew wasn't that useful. The intended use of the screen has now been implemented and you can now use it to see and edit the forecasts for all your projects on one screen.

So, if you like to review the forecasts of your portfolio in one go this is the screen for you. 

Note: This screen is only available in the new navigation - a good reason to change now if you haven't already!

Navigation changes

Last month we released the new version of our navigation in a beta mode where users could opt in to try it out. Feedback has been good, and with a few tweaks made we are getting ready to switch over to the new navigation permanently later this month. In this release we have added a banner to the top of the screen advising users that a new navigation is coming to ensure all users are aware of the upcoming change. The changes to the navigation are:

  • Reports: Icon replaced with a word and raised up into the main navigational component
  • Accruals:  Removed from the main navigation and is now accessed from Reports (Month End Accruals)
  • Actions: Removed from the main navigation. Any upcoming actions you have are listed on your dashboard, and from the actions screen for a client
Toggle between the new and old navigation

    Search - now a proper full text search

    The search has been rewritten and now works more like you would expect. You can still search for clients, projects, people and invoice numbers, with results returning based on what you have access to see. Prefix searching is being used so the search returns words starting with what you have entered, not containing your search string. An exact match will be listed before a partial match.

    Project Timesheets: now called "Time Entries"

    The first thing you will (probably) notice is the page has had a name change - it is now Time Entries. You will also notice that the visual style of the table has been updated. We have a programme of work underway to update the display and functionality of tables. In the future you will be able to sort and group the data in a table and choose the columns you want to see.

    The Invoiced amount for each time entry will show as either:

    • Not invoiced: if not included on any invoice
    • Draft invoice if included on an invoice with a status of draft or awaiting approval
    • Amount invoiced: if included on an invoice with a status of ready or published)

    API and SQL views

    No changes in this release.