26 Apr 2020 - Clone project

Its been asked for a lot, and now it's here. You can now clone a project structure, you might even want to create a project as a template if you have a common structure.

There is a lot included in this release (almost more than we were expecting).

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

Project managers and anyone who uses the project Metrics page

We would really like to hear what you think of this page. Is the information useful and does it help you? Is there something else you'd like to see on the page?

A feedback form has been added for you to get in touch

Clone projects

If you need to create a project that is similar to another project, then the clone feature will be music to your ears. 

Projects can be cloned, from the projects directory or setting page of a project

How to clone a project

A project can be cloned by selecting "Clone project" from the Settings page of a project, from the projects directory or from the project page of a company. Projects of any status can be cloned, yes, including archived projects.

The clone process pre-populates the create project form with the appropriate values, allowing you to make any changes needed before saving the new project. You will need to enter a project name, select a company and enter a project manager. 

  • The budget breakdown (name and accounting code)
  • Timecodes (name)
  • Any mandatory fields on the project will be populated
  • Any mandatory fields on budgets and timecodes (if your organisation has set up custom fields)

Note: Resourcing, forecasts, invoices, time entries and budget amounts will not be cloned. Also, any optional additional details your organisation has set up will not be cloned. 

Saving the project will take you to the Settings page where you can review the details.

Creating a project - select custom rate card

We were a little aggressive with simplifying the create project form and removed the ability to select a custom rate card. Thanks to everyone who pointed this out to us.

If the company the project is for has a custom rate card you can select if when creating the project.

Tip: Click "Show rates" to verify the rates are what you were expecting.

Page headers are more helpful

The page headers within companies, projects and people have had a redesign. Now when you are on any page within those sections you will have more context about what you are looking at.

Example of a project header: The project name is supported by the name of the company and project manager as well as the dates of the earliest and latest time entry.

Project metrics - clarifications and feedback wanted

A couple of small changes have made to help clarify how the various metrics are compiled.

The recoverability tile has been simplified, focusing on the recoverability percentage. The calculation has also been added so you understand how this has been calculated.

Recoverability is measured on invoices which have been issued. The calculation is:

Services revenue invoiced divided by work effort included on invoices

Recoverability tile updated

Your feedback is wanted

We would really like to hear what you think of this page. Is the information useful and does it help you? Is there something else you'd like to see on the page?

A feedback form has been added for you to get in touch - just click "Help us design some great dashboards!" at the bottom of your browser and let us know what you think.

All expenses page - helpful for people managers

Changes were needed for this page so this page could be accessible to people managers. If you have people that report to, you will now be able to access the All expenses page and see expense claims for the people that report to you.

This page will be the fastest way for you to review and approve expense claims as you can see them all on one page.

Project revenue "real time"

If you issue invoices during a month you may have noticed the projected revenue calculation on the project budget screen wasn't updating correctly. This calculation has been updated and takes into account invoices that have been issued, and factors that in to the remaining forecast for a month. 

Resourcing vs actual worked report has new filters

New filters for Team and Manager added. 


Directories updated

A few updates here to help you set up the data how you want.

Companies directory

  • Can now be sorted and grouped

People directory

  • "Billable" added as a filter and grouping option.

Project directory

  • New column for "First Timesheet" has been added
  • The projects page within a company can be sorted and grouped

API expanded

We have a program of work underway to increase the functionality of the API. This release sees expense claims and revenue forecasts added.

Refer to the Swagger definition to see the new endpoints.

Expense claims and forecasts now available in the API

SQL views - more added

New views have been added to support people costs and margin reporting. The views are only available to the admin user, the basic user can not access them.

  • [FactUserCost]
  • [FactUserCostByDay]
  • [DimCostCategory]
  • [DimCostFrequency]
  • [DimCostType]

Caution: The new views are available to the Admin user account. This means people with these credentials will be able to see sensitive information.

If you are concerned about access you can cycle the passwords from within the admin section.