12 Jul 2020 - Filter by people locations

All people must be associated with a location. Resourcing screens can be filtered by locations.

There isn't anything too major included in this release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.


People locations

The location concept was added in release 3.14 with more work completed in this release. As well as being more prominent on people screens (profile, postings and header info) the people directory can also be filtered and grouped by location.

The Resourcing screens can also be filtered by location making it easier to see what people based in different places are working on.

Project financial graphs

Projected effort

You can now access a graph by clicking the Projected effort block above the menu on any of the screens for a project. This version of the graph focuses on the value of effort (timesheets + resourcing) and compares that to the services budget.

You can see the Projected effort graph for non-billable projects too.

Minor changes to the All time graphs

If you are very observant you might notice a few minor adjustments to how the graphs are presented.

When the graphs are loaded they are presented with certain data lines turned on. You can choose to see more lines, however when you choose to see a graph again it will revert to the default set of lines. 

All time graph - projected revenue

This graph provides a picture of the total financial trajectory of a project, including the value of work effort and revenue, compared to budgets. By default it shows data for:

  • Total Budget, Projected Revenue, Worked, Projected Burn, Invoiced (services), Invoiced (non-services), Forecast to invoice (services) and Forecast to invoice (non-services)

All time graph - projected effort

This graph focuses on showing how the value of effort is tracking to the services budget. By default it shows data for:

  • Total Budget, Budget (services) , Worked and Projected Burn

On all graphs you can click the names in the graph legend to show the data you want to see - or hide the data you don't want to see.

Company expenses

The expenses screen for a company has been updated to the current design patterns. This includes the ability to sort and group the expenses


API & SQL Views

There were quite a few changes to the database as part of this release, and the changes have also been made in the API and SQL Views so they are aligned with the behaviour within the app.

SQL Views

LocationID has been added to these views:

  • [FactMonthlyCapacity]
  • [FactMonthlyUserFTE]
  • [FactWeeklyCapacity]
  • [FactUserActivity]
  • [FactProjectTimesheets]
  • [FactUserActivityWithHolidays]
  • [FactDailyCapacityV2]
  • [FactDailyCapacity]
  • [FactUserResourced]
  • [FactUsers]
  • [FactMonthlyWorked]
  • [FactUserLeaveLines]
  • [FactUserPostings]
  • [FactResourceLog]
  • [FactUserTarget]

Updates have been made to the API to support the addition of locations on a user posting.