16 Aug 2020 - Time-tracking budgets

A small release with a couple of usability improvements and the introduction of the "time tracked" concept to budgets.

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.

New setting of "Time-tracking" for project budgets

As advised previously, we are embarking on some major improvements to the way that project budgets will be managed. In particular, tracking expenses (non timesheet costs) within a projects budget.

In this release we have added a "time-tracking" setting to each budget line.  The time-tracking toggle has a relationship with the accounting code of the budget, making it clearer if a budget can have timecodes created.

You will notice this change when creating new projects, or editing the settings of existing projects. While this is a very visible change it doesn't have a high functional value yet. 

Time-tracking ON

  • Only budgets which have a services accounting code can be set to time-tracking. 
  • Timecodes can only be created against time-tracking budgets

Time-tracking OFF

  • Only budgets which have a non-services accounting code have time-tracking turned off
  • Timecodes cannot be created for budgets that aren't time-tracking enabled

Budgets can be set to time-tracking if they are for services accounting codes

Project directory - new options added

A very minor change but we wanted you to know about it. From the project directory you now have the option of archive or delete a project without first going into the project.

Delete or archive a project from the directory

You can still perform these actions from the settings page for a project.


Mark non-reimbursable expenses as processed

Sorry - we missed this in the previous release, but it is all fixed. You can now keep track of all expenses that you are processing, with the option to:

  • reimbursable: Processed (reimbursed)
  • non-reimbursable: Processed

Expenses - Processed


Easier to deactivate (or activate) timecodes 

Another minor improvement that we wanted to call out. Timecodes can now be deactivated (or activated again) without editing the timecode. 

Deactivate or activate a timecodes

Projectworks emails - new "from" address

We have changed the domain that the emails generated by Projectworks get sent from. We're only letting you know in case your IT department needs to update the emailwhitelist,

  • old address: no-reply@projectworks.io
  • new address: no-reply@mail.projectworks.io

Projectworks administrators: Talk to your IT department to see if they can whitelist "no-reply@mail.projectworks.io" to help keep emails from the junk folder