6 Sep 2020 - Review timesheets & FX conversion

The ability for time entries to be marked as reviewed, the foundation for daily foreign exchange conversions and expenses converted from their transaction currency to the currency of the project they are for.

In this release we continue to progress our focus on expenses, with the ability for an expense to be converted to the currency of the project it is for. This was needed before we can have expenses burn down the project budget. We have also added the option for time entries to be marked as reviewed. 

Read on to find out about the changes included in this release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.


Mark time entries as reviewed

A new feature has been added providing the option for time entries to be marked as reviewed. Marking a time entry as reviewed will prevent that entry from being edited by anyone - the entry is essentially locked and can not be changed on a timesheet.

For this first implementation of the feature, each time entry needs to be marked as reviewed one at a time. Good news though, the ability to bulk select time entries to review is coming in the next 2 weeks!

Time entries can be marked as reviewed, which will lock them from editing unless marked as not reviewed

If a time entry needs to be changed it can simply be marked as NOT reviewed, edited, then marked as reviewed again.

You will need to select the Reviewed column to see the whether a time entry has been reviewed

Tip: Use the group show/hide/group option to organise the time entries on a screen to make it quick to review them. You can even group the time entries into reviewed and not reviewed.

The mark as reviewed option is available on the time entries screen for a person, a project as well as the all time entries screen.


The review timesheets option has been enabled for the Admin and Project Manager user roles in your environment. If you want to remove this, or add it to other role you can do so in the Roles screen in the admin section.

Tick or untick the Global.ReviewTimesheet option under Global Service Points.

FX conversion and expenses 

As part of our ongoing work on getting expenses into projects, we have decided to tackle currency conversion now. This is essential as we have many customers with offices in different countries and operating in multiple currencies. 

The conversion rates are sourced from fixer using their supplied end of day rate which becomes available at 00:05am GMT for the previous day.

Our first implementation of converting values in Projectworks is for expenses. So, if an expense is recorded in Euro and your project is operating in USD, the expense will be converted using the Euro to USD rate for the date of the transaction.

As well as being able to see the converted amount on an expense claim, there are new options on the expenses screens.

With the foundation work completed for currency conversion we will be able to extend this throughout the application. Invoices and staff costs will be able to converted to a base currency to assist with margin analysis. 

Show expenses in different currencies

All expense screens have been updated with new options allowing the expenses to be presented in different currencies. You can choose to see the expenses in their original currency, currency of the project or person, or any currency your organisation has enabled. 

Expenses can be converted to the currency of the project,, or viewed in a different currency

Invoice screens have more columns

All invoices screens have  been updated with many new columns available to be shown. For people in finance teams you will no doubt like the option to see invoiced amounts as before tax or tax inclusive.

Use the show/hide option to see what columns you might want to see

Tip: Show different columns on different screens to tailor the information to how you prefer to see it.

API & SQL Views


IsReviewed endpoint has been added to time entries 

Refer to the Swagger definition to see the new endpoints.

SQL Views

IsReviewed has been added to these views:

  • [FactUserActivity]
  • [FactUserActivityWithHolidays]
  • [FactProjectTimesheets]