24 Oct 2019 - New navigation

The new navigation is now live for everyone and a new projected burn report has been added. Happy days!

Hello there, thanks for dropping by to check out what we've been up to.

Well it shouldn't come as a surprise, but the new navigation is now live and we're pretty excited about it. A big thanks to everyone who tried it out during the beta phase and provided us with feedback - it was very helpful. While the navigation change is the most visible, there are also a few things that will help those that manage projects and take care of the finances.

Check out all the details of what has been included in the release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

New navigation: live for everyone now

After a successful opt-in beta phase, the navigation has now been switched over to the new version - which we are excited about!

For the large number of users who use a narrow slice of the Projectworks features, you should find it much easier to access the things you use the most often - your timesheet, resourcing and leave. 

Note: If you didn't take the new navigation for a spin during the beta phase and get a bit lost there is a help article which maps the old navigation to the new navigation.

The design of the menu differs based on what you have access to. For people with access to five or fewer areas your menu will include icons, while people with access to a wider feature set will have a word based text based menu. 

Look at the new navigation

Projected burn report

It's now even easier to see your predicted month end position for your services work. The Month End Projected Burn report focuses on your services work and compares the value of your projected burn (worked + resourced) against the revenue forecast against services GL Codes.  The report lists each project and shows:

  • The value worked (up to the end of the previous week)
  • The value resourced (from the start of the week to the end of the month)
  • Projected Burn (worked + resourced)
  • The total forecast against Services GL Codes
  • The delta (difference between the Forecast and Projected Burn)
    • Accruals and discounts are taken into account as well in the calculation of the delta.

Head to the Financials category in the Reports section to see the new report. 

Projected burn report to see your predicted budget spend for the month, compared to the revenue forecast

New date picker - project time entries screen

We know this shouldn't feel like something that we shout from the rooftops about - but we are! We're excited to launch our new date picker control, with it's first implementation on the Project Time Entries screen. The data on this screen was previously grouped by calendar month which wasn't always how you wanted to see the data. 

The new date picker provides you with the option to view data for the date range that suits you - that might well be a month, a day, a year - or a custom date range 

Date picker added to project time entries, custom ranges can be set

A few tips

  • You can type a single date (eg 31/10/2019 or 31 Oct 19)
  • You can use natural language such as  "today", "this month", "last month", "next year" 
  • Select a custom range by clicking the start date and then the end date (the selected dates will be highlighted)

We will be adding the ability to pick "weeks" very soon, so stay tuned for that. The new date picker control will be implemented throughout the app as we upgrade screens to the new table layout. That means you'll be able to see data for the date range that you want, rather than the range we've been dictating.

Xero integration: Invoices for negative amounts are now created as Credit Notes 

All invoices created in Projectworks were exported to Xero as draft invoices. In this release, we have changed it so invoices for negative totals are created as Credit Notes in Xero - so you can use all the Credit Note functionality provided by Xero.

Note: The "reconcile from Xero" function currently will not mark the Projectworks invoice (credit note) as paid. You will need to manually add a payment to remove the invoice from the debtors screen select the "Payments and AR' option from the invoice to add the payment) .

API and SQL views

There have been no changes to the API. Minor changes made to two views, with new columns added.

  • FactWeeklyCapacity - AgreementID added
  • FactUserLeaveLines.- AgreementID added