27 Sep 2020 - Nav flyout & finance dashboard

Navigation improved with sub menu flyout from the primary navigation, finance dashboard added and see resourcing comments easily.

A small release with some obvious changes. Included in this release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.

Navigation updated with sub menu flyout

It's now faster to get to all screens. The sub menu pops out as you hover over the main navigation allowing you to select the screen you want to go to.

Hover on the main menu to see the sub menu

Tip: Clicking the main navigation still takes you to the default screen of that section

Resourcing comments

While comments have always been able to resourcing entries they weren't very visible. That's been changed now, and any comments that have been entered against resourcing can be seen by hovering over the resourcing for a week

  • Dashboard - my resourcing section
  • My resourcing screen
  • Resourcing screen for a project and for a person

Resourcing Hover

New finance dashboard

A new dashboard has been added. The finance dashboard has the same "money owed" and "revenue targets" widgets that are on the Executive Dashboard as well as a new "expenses to be reimbursed widget"

Expenses to be reimbursed

This widget shows the total expenses that have been submitted and need to be reimbursed to people. Select the organisation and currency to get the total of expenses to be reimbursed. 

All expenses that haven't been marked as processed will be included in the total, split into approved and pending.

Finance dashboiard includes expenses to be reimbursed widget


Access to the finance dashboard has been enabled for the Admin and Finance user roles in your environment. If you want to remove this, or add it to other role you can do so in the Roles screen in the admin section.

Tick or untick the Dashboard.Finance.View option under Dashboard Service Points.