4 Oct 2020 - Project directory has new columns

The project directory is now more useful and includes the option to show/hide more columns. The directory doubles as a high level financial status report for your list of projects.

A small release with some obvious changes. Included in this release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.

Projects directory has new columns available

We have an item on our backlog titled "make the directories more useful" and in this release we are continuing with that. A number of new columns have been added to the projects directory turning the directory into a high level financial summary of your portfolio.

  • Account Manager
  • Budget
  • Invoiced total
  • Worked amount (value of all time entries)
  • Uninvoiced work (in timesheets but not yet invoiced)

New columns have been added to the project directory

TIP: You can export the directory to CSV for reporting. The CSV file will also include any custom fields that have been added to projects.

Restrict the projects a person can submit expenses on

An adjustment has been made to the permissions set up for submitting expenses. Up until now, if someone had the ability to submit an expense they could submit expenses for any project.

The new option to restrict which projects a person can submit expenses on dovetails into the projects a person has timecodes assigned. When submitting an expense they will only be able to see (and select) projects that they have timecodes assigned to them. 

A great use case for this is for "external users / contractors" who you want to submit expenses, but don't want to expose your project list to.



To set up a user access role to restrict which projects a person can submit expenses on you need to tick the Global.RestrictExpenseProjectsToAssigned option under Global Service Points.

Get in touch with the team at support@projectworks.io if you want any help with creating or maintaining any user access roles.