18 Oct 2020 - Expenses reflected in project budgets

The budget for a project can now be consumed by time entries and expenses. All expenses that are entered must be linked to a budget within a project.

Over the past few months we have been working hard on improving the way expenses are handled, leading to this... expenses are now factored into the spend of the budget for a project. We've also managed to include a few other changes...

There is a lot of important information and it is recommended you take the time to read all the notes.

Project Managers in particular will need to know how these changes may impact the budgets of their projects. 


Included in this release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.

Expenses factored into the burn of project budgets

Up until this point a project budget was only able to be consumed by time entries, even though expenses could be linked to a project. For a lot of projects this wasn't an issue, but for projects that were also incurring expenses, the true position of the budget wasn't shown.

The short explanation of this change is: Any expenses entered against a project will be factored into the consumption of the budget, reducing the amount of budget remaining.

For projects only consumed by time entries there will be no change to how your budget is presented.


Project budget screen

The changes are the most visible on the budget screen for a project. As well as adjustments to the calculations to incorporate expenses there have been a number of layout and terminology changes.

Budget summary section

The Total budget section has been updated with the burn including both time and expenses. The remaining budget is the total of the budget less the burn amount.

The at Completion panels have been updated to factor in time and expenses. The projected burn at completion include actual worked (in timesheets), remaining resourcing as well as expenses. 

A new project setting has been added providing the flexibility of including or excluding pending expenses from the burn calculation

Tip: The tiles can be clicked to flip between seeing the projected burn at completion or the projected bun for this month.

Improved indicators for status

The visual indicators have been updated, providing a simple indication of how things are tracking. The projected burn and projected revenue are measured against the total budget, and shown in green if they're tracking, and red if over budget.

Will be shown in green if the projected burn is less than the budget, and will be red if over the budget.

Budget breakdown 

The budget breakdown shows all the components of the project budget. As well as being able to see only the active budgets, you now have the option to select multiple budgets to see. You can click the headings to select all the budgets in that grouping. 

A sub total of the selected budgets is shown at the bottom of the table.

Expenses - multi select

Use the Select budgets options and click the Time-tracked budgets If you just want to see the status of your time tracked budgets.

Adding an expense claim

An expense claim must be added to a budget within a project. For expenses to be logged against a project that means there needs to be at least one expenses budget created.


A budget expense must be selected when adding an expense

Viewing and editing an expense

There have been significant improvements to how an existing expense is displayed when viewing it. The information has been restructured, into three distinct sections:

  • details of the expense
  • details of the project the expense is for
  • details of the person the expense is for and details of the approval 

Expense reviewers & approvers: You can now make changes to an expense and save it without approving it.

Project settings

To support the changes for linking expenses into projects there have been a couple of changes to the settings screen for a project.

Budgets are specified as either time-tracked or expenses

There are no changes to the functionality but it is more obvious whether the budget is set up for time entries or expenses.

Budgets can be either time or expenses

Option to include pending claims in project burn

By default only approved expenses are included in the burndown of the budget. A new setting has been added so you can choose to also include pending claims in the budget burndown.

Terminology change - Burn has been updated

You might notice a slight alteration to terminology that is used. Up until this point we simply had projected burn, which was the value of effort from time sheets and resourcing. With the addition of expenses, the wording has been tidied up.

Projected effort: The value of time tracked work (timesheets and resourcing)

Projected expenses: The value of expenses

Projected burn: The total of effort and expenses

Resizable columns on time entries screens

If you've been paying attention, we have been making a lot of changes and improvements to how we present tables of data. Previous improvements are the ability to show or hide extra columns, ability to group the data, and order the columns by clicking the headers.  

The next evolution is the ability to resize the columns - which has now been implemented on each to the time entries pages (all time entries, project time entries, person time entries).  Of course we will be adding this to the other screens in due course.

You can make each column as wide as you like, with horizontal scrolling needed if you make things wider than your browser.

Columns on the time entries screens can be resized

API changes

Refer to the Swagger definition for more details of the API.

Custom Fields Set endpoint (new)

  • Returns the custom field and data
  • Set custom field data for an entity

Expense claims endpoint

  • ClientId has been removed
  • ProjectId is now mandatory
  • ModuleId is now mandatory

Module endpoint

  • BuyPrice, BudgetType, BudgetFrequency have been removed
  • IsServices has been added

Work week endpoint

  • Work hours has been added