13 Dec 2020 - Changing project type

Projects can now be changed from being non-billable to billable and vice versa after a project has been created. Use forecast screens to also see actual invoiced amounts, and new filtering options added.

Included in this release

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you quick smart.

Ability to change project type

We've added more flexibility to allow a project to be changed from billable to non-billable and vice versa. The only restriction that remains is that a project can't go from being billable to non-billable if there is an invoice or accrual on the project.
Projects can be changed from non-billable to billable and vice versa
  • You can always change a project from Non-Billable
  • You can't change a project from billable if there are invoices or accruals for the project
  • All historic and future revenue forecasts will be deleted when going from billable to non-billable
  • If there are time entries or resourcing attached to the project, changing the type will alter how historic and future utilisation is reporte

      Forecast screens can also show invoiced amounts

      Toggle between forecasts and actual invoiced amounts. You can now view invoicing on the forecasting page using the adapted "Show actual invoiced" checkbox. When in show actual invoiced mode, the screens will show either: 

      • The amount invoiced in each month
      • The amount forecast in each month

      Toggle between forecasts and actual invoiced amounts

      We've extended this mode to cover this month too, so you can see what has been invoiced and what hasn't yet. This will be useful for teams that do all their invoicing in one session from these screens as you can see progress as you work through the list.

      Tip: If you run fixed-cost projects and are keen to start using forecasts as a starting point for your invoicing, consider opening up the previous month of forecasts to be editable. Talk to your Projectworks administrator as the can enable this in the Settings screen of the admin section.

      New filters on all forecast screens

      We've made a few improvements to your forecast screens to give you increased control and visibility of your numbers.

        Multi-select project contractual status

        The ability to filter based on the contractual status of the project has been added to the "All Forecasts" and "My Forecasts" screens.

        You can choose to see all statuses, a single status, or select multiple (such as all forecasts for unsigned projects) 

        Filter by Account Manager

        From your "All Forecasts" screen you can now filter based on the Account Manager of projects.

        Filter forecast screens by contractual status of account manager

        Project creation date included in CSV download

        We've included a new "Project Created Date" column in your Project CSV download. This is handy information for reporting and helps you answer questions such as; "How many projects did we start this month?".

        Project created data is included in the project direcotry SCV file

        API Changes

        Updates have been made to the project endpoints to support the relaxed rules around changes projects from billable to non-billable. There aren't structural changes, just logic changes.

        Refer to the Swagger definition.