13 Nov 2019 - All leave screen & Xero credit notes

An All Leave screen has been added and negative invoices now export to Xero as credit notes.

It's been a productive few weeks and we are pleased to push out another release for you.

It's probably not an earth shattering release, but does include a few goodies. As well as informing you of what is in this release there is a teaser of what we have coming up next, and a helpful reminder on the fastest way for people to add an entry to their timesheet.

Included in this release:

Coming soon (pre Christmas)

  • New version of the forecasts section: Also included in this release (but locked away) is also a preview (work in progress) of a new version of the forecasts section - get in touch if you want to take a look at it. The new version will be live before the end of the year,
  • Bulk editing - move time entries: We've also got the foundations in place to allow time entries to be moved in bulk 
  • Project budget snapshot: We know that Project Managers care about their budgets and we want to help them with that. Coming soon is a screen dedicated to the the project budget... think total budgets, worked to date and projected "at completion: details. This will be sort of like an early Christmas present for Project Managers!

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

All leave screen and iPayroll export

This one is targeted at people who need to review and approve, or process leave requests.

A new "All Leave" screen has been added to the leave section. The screen allows you to see all leave requests for the required date range and can be filtered so you can see the ones you are more interested in.

You will only be able to see leave requests for the people you have permission to see (reporting lines are used for this). If you have leave approver super powers you will be able to see (and approve) all leave from here.  

New page showing all leave, with option to export as CSV

A few tips

  • Filter by status to if you just want to identify pending requests - so you can review them (or follow them up)
  • Use the date picker to select a custom date range (eg your payroll period)
  • HR/Payroll people - you can also see leave request for inactive people if needed (eg if an employee has recently left)
  • The CSV exports are based on the filters that are set

Leave report export options - great for payroll teams

There are two CSV export options available which will make it easier to report on leave and get leave from Projectworks loaded into your payroll system. The content of both exports are similar, with a row for each individual leave entry (person / date / leave type / hours of leave) included. There are of course a couple of differences, which is why we have two!

CSV formatted for iPayroll

Yes, we accept this is a rudimentary integration, but it is a good start. Click CSV iPayroll approved requests from the download button to export leave to be loaded into iPayroll

This CSV has the correct structure and content for loading into iPayroll. The export will download only the approved leave based on the filters selected. You will need to select the other CSV download if you want to export pending leave requests.

Basic CSV

This export is perfect if you just need to download details of leave requests, or need to format leave data to be loaded into your payroll system. In addition to the iPayroll version, this report also includes a date approved column. This will be useful if you need to identify leave which may have been approved after a certain date (which will also include leave which was approved, resubmitted and declined)

Which CSV format is right for you?

  • If you want to download all leave (including pending requests) - Basic CSV
  • If you want to identify leave approved after a certain date - Basic CSV
  • If you need to load date into iPayroll -  iPayroll format

    Xero integration: Apply credit notes to invoices now reconciles

    In the previous release we made a change so Projectworks invoices for negative amounts landed in Xero as Credit Notes. One bit we didn't quite get completed in time for the previous release was recognizing credit note allocations as payments on invoices. That's all done now!

    In case you missed it... the fastest way to add a time entry

    On talking to a lot of users we have found out that lots of people aren't aware that they can add a time entry directly to their timesheet without first searching for the project.

    Here it is... 

    Here it is... hands down fastest way to add a time entry

    After clicking the Add time entry button, type in a forward slash  (  /  ) to start searching for timecode names. When you see the one you want just click it and it will be added to your timesheet!  Use multiple words to narrow your search - the search covers client names, project names, modules and tasks.

    When you see how fast it is to add a time entry you might be able to unpin some of the timecodes that you rarely use,

     The fastest way to find and add a time entry is to start by typing a forward slash

    API and SQL views

    There have been no changes to the API or SQL views in this release.