14 Jan 2020 - Project budgets v2

Project budget screen improved and new report to compare work effort against resourcing.

Welcome to 2020.

2019 was a big year for Projectworks and we have a lot planned for this year as well. 

To get the ball rolling we have some new tools to help Project Mangers track and monitor their project budgets as well as a report to compare actual worked effort against what was resourced.

We also retired a feature that wasn't being used and did some housekeeping on the data related to timecodes.

Included in this release:

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know - send an email to support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you pronto.

Project budgets: Now at module level with consumption & allocation reporting

Version 1 of the project budget screen was released in December 2019, providing a information of the overall budget for the project. The budget screen has now been updated and provides another level of information, with the details being shown for each module.

View allocation and consumption data for a module (services modules only)

One more thing -the flip cards for the project budget numbers are now sticky, so you can choose whether you prefer them to default to the "basic" or "detailed" view

Project budgets updated to include breakdownsn

New report: Compare actual worked vs resourced

Ever wondered how things actually went for the previous week or weeks? How can you check whether people actually worked on what they were resourced to do? That's where the new "Actual worked vs resourced" report comes in.

The report can be run for a specific week, or a range of weeks. It will show the total hours a person was resourced for as well as the actual hours they recorded in their timesheet so you can identify where there are discrepancies you want to investigate.

TIP: You can group the data by person or by project as well as sorting the data to make it easier to see where you may have encountered a problem.

Head to the reports section to check out the Actual worked vs resourced report.

Report to compare actual work effort against resourcing

Timecodes have been simplified

As part of retiring the schedule feature some of the information on timecodes became redundant. While cleaning this up we also took the opportunity to also remove the Temp timecode type and reorganised the layout of the add/edit timecode modal.

Timecodes screen simplified

  • To make a timecode inactive simply untick the "Timecode is active and available for use" checkbox.
  • You can still choose to restrict use of a timecode on certain dates. Click the "Restrict timesheet entries to dates checkbox. You can choose to just set an "available from" or "available to" date, or set both.

Data that has been removed:

  • Timecode status: (To do, In progress, Done, Closed) 
  • % complete
  • Timecode type: Milestone and Temp
  • Option to include a timecode on the schedule

Directory screens updated to new style and structure

We are continuing to update screens to a new visual style and structure. In this release we have updated the Clients, Projects and People directories. They'll be updated again in the future with options to sort and group.

Invoices directory updated

The invoice directory has also been updated with some amended details. A new "Dispatched" column has been added so it is easy to see whether an invoice has been emailed from Projectworks and exported to your finance system (eg Xero).

As well as being able to select a custom date range to view, you can choose to group the screen in a variety of ways and also sort the data. The icons highlight invoices which have been paid or are overdue.

Group and sort the invoice directory

API and SQL views

There have been no changes to the API or SQL views in this release.