14 Nov 2021 - Add/edit invoice screen redesigned

Same functionality but a new look.

The add/edit invoice screen has had a new coat of paint. Don't panic, all the things that could be done before can still be done - but it should feel a lot clearer.

We have also made a few small (but helpful) improvements at this point. with plans for more functionality improvements in 2022.

A few things to note:

  • The invoice date has moved to the top right
  • The budget and billing method are now visible without needing to expand the invoice line to see them
  • The bulk tick/untick works better, either ticking or unticking all the items
  • The timecode and expense comments are visible
  • Reject and decline buttons have been relabeled to "Back to Draft", and as it says, puts the invoice into the draft state

New design of the add/edit invoice screen


And just in case you feel nostalgic, here is a reminder of previous version.