19 Jun 2022 - minor updates

Included in this release:

  • Resourcing screens can now be filtered by project type - for example letting you just focus on resourcing for billable or non-billable projects (See examples below)
  • New option to download all expense attachments for an invoice as a zip file
  • Actual Worked vs Resourced report can now be downloaded to a CSV. A pro tip, you can select a range of weeks to be included too!
  • Hours worked by person report improved, select a date range to see all days within that range (no longer restricted to a max 4 week range)
  • New location filter has been added to the Utilisation reports

Feedback or questions? 
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Filtering by project type on Resourcing by availability report

The resourcing screens can now be filtered by project type (billable or non-billable). This is straight forward on the Resourcing by Project and Resourcing by Person screen, only resourcing for the selected project type/s will be shown.

The Resourcing by availability screen is slightly different though, with the calculation of availability updated to take into account the types of projects a person is resourced too.


Bob is resourced has a capacity of 40 hours per week and next week is resourced for 36 hours on billable projects, and 6 hours on non-billable projects. Depending on the the selection in the Project Type filter their availability will be shown as:

  • Not filtered: -2 hours (40 hours less 42 hours resourced)
  • Filtered to billable projects: 4 hours (40 hours less 36 hours resourced on billable projects)
  • Filtered to non-billable projects: 34 hours (40 hours less 46hours resourced on non-billable projects)