21 May 2023 - Monthly burn report, download quote as a Word doc

Included in this release:

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Monthly Burn report

There is a new “Monthly Burn” report that lets you see time and expense burn per project on a monthly basis. This report uses project time and expense data for projects looking backward at timesheet entries and incurred expenses, and taking a forward view of future resourcing and planned expenses, dependent on the date range that the report is being generated for.

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Updates to burn calculations

Changes have been made to the calculation of the projected burn for projects. Hours worked across multiple screens will be calculated to include time entries up to and including today. This is to better reflect the current position of the actual worked hours at a point in time, and will exclude any future dated time entries that have been entered for the week in the current position.

What do you need to do? You do not need to do anything, however if you are using future dated entries to calculate projected burn and margin on time, this should be reflected in your resourcing, which will factor into these calculations.

Download quote as a Word document

In addition to downloading your quote as a PDF to send to prospective customers, you can now download it as a Microsoft Word file (docx). This is to allow further editing when your quotes form part of a multi page proposal letter with company information, etc.

Role tag now available on invoice templates

For those that include a breakdown of items (e.g. all associated time and expense entries) on their invoices, either as part of the main invoice or in a separate invoice breakdown report, you can now use the “role” tag instead of employee names, e.g. “Consultant, Senior”. This is available for each time entry on the time entries table “TimeRows”.

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