23 Oct 2022 - Non-billable timecodes & Utilisation target report

Included in this release:

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Non-billable timecodes in billable projects

New options have been made available when setting up timecodes within billable projects. Non-billable timecodes can be set up to allow a part of a billable project to be treated as non-billable

  • non billable timecodes aren’t available for invoicing

  • time logged to non-billable timecodes won’t prevent a project being archived

Utilisation target reporting has also been updated to factor in how non-billable timecodes should be treated from a utilisation perspective.

Your company will likely need to consider and implement processes around the way that non-billable timecodes are used.

Refer to Non billable timecodes article for full details

Utilisation target report

The Utilisation by Person report has been overhauled and we think it looks really good.  

  • new name, new layout, new options

  • choose whether time logged to non-billable timecodes is treated as effective utilisation

  • group by is very powerful - see util grouped by role etc

Refer to Utilisation target article for full details


Following on from the large change to timesheets we bring you the ability to apply bulk actions to timesheets and have added some more columns you can choose to see on your timesheet.

Bulk options for timesheets

Timesheets are able to be submitted, approved or rejected in bulk. From any of the timesheets screen, select the timesheets and the applicable action from the flyout.

Bulk approve timesheet

A timesheet can be approved without being submitted first.

Permissions are adhered to, so you can only approve timesheets you are allowed to approve


Extra columns available

More columns have been made available on the timesheet, allowing people to choose to see the following details per timecode:

  • My total expected hrs

  • My total logged hrs

  • Everyone’s remaining hrs