24 Apr 2022 - record time on opportunities

Included in this release:

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Record time on unsigned opportunities

Up until now it wasn't possible to record time on projects with the contractual status of unsigned opportunity. 

This has now been changed, so if you set up timecodes people will be able to log time to them.

Tip: If you want to prevent people logging time to a project you have a few options:

  • Make the timecodes inactive
  • Use the restrict who can use timecodes option on the project settings, and don't assign people to the timecodes until you want them to use them.


Billing contacts have new fields available

The rules on which pieces of data were mandatory have been reviewed, with only the contact name and email address mandatory now.

Fields for a phone number and notes have also been added providing you with additional options if you need them.

You will also notice the screen looks a lot nicer now too!

Option to filter out 0 hr resourcing

It's not uncommon to have a lot of people or projects showing on the various resourcing screens. To help you focus in on the data that matters most, you can untick the "include projects with no resourcing" option on the following screens:

  • Resourcing by Person
  • Resourcing by Project
  • Resourcing screen for a person

Unticking this will simply remove all rows where there are no hours resourced.

0hr esourcing

New SQL View: [BI].[FactMonthlyForecastLogs]

For customers who actively monitor changes to revenue forecasts, the forecast change data is now available to query via the data connection.