27 July 2021 - Project default rates for people

New option for setting a manual rate for a person on a project - you no longer need set them up on each timecode.

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Please also see the API Updates as there is a breaking change


Set default billable rate for a person on a project

When adding people to a project you are able to specify the default billable rate that will be used for each person.

As well as being able to select a persons standard rate, or use a custom rate card, the option of manually setting a default rate has being added.

  • Standard rate: The standard rate for a person (either from the global rate card or from the person's posting)
  • Custom billable rate: Choose from any custom rates cards available for the project
  • Manual rate: Manually enter a non-standard rate

The Default Billable Rate Card for the project will be used by default when adding a person to the project, but you are able to change this per person.


Default rate for people on a project can be selected from rate cards, or set manually


Tip: We recommend that when setting up a project you first set up your team by adding people to the settings > people screen where their specific rate can be set. That rate will then wash through as the default when adding to a timecode and also for the calculation of resourcing. 


How the default rates for each person are used

Regardless of how the default billable rate for each person is set, it is used the same way within a project.

  1. The Default Billable Rate Card for the project is set when creating a project and can be edited on the project settings.
  2. On the people tab in the project settings the rate can be changed, either selecting from the available options or manually entering a rate. This rate will be used as the default on new timecodes and calculating the value of resourcing.
  3. Rates can be amended on a timecode (if required), with the rate on the timecode being used to calculate the value of each time entry.

If you manually set rates on a timecode we suggest you review the rates for people on each project and update the default billable rate for each person.


API Updates - breaking change

In this release we have aligned the API to a recent update in the app.

The Users endponts have been updated to enforce the PositionID to be mandatory on the posting for a user.

Refer to the swagger definition to see all endpoints