27 Mar 2022 - Invoices with qty & rate (Beta)

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Expenses and project burn

An enhancement has been made to how expenses are calculated within project burn - all billable expenses were being included in the burn regardless of the expense date.

Expenses up to the current date and included in the burn, with future expenses contributing to the projected burn. The adjustment will also impact on the margin calculations as the current margin will only include the expenses up to the current date, with the projected margin factoring in the future dated expenses.

(Beta) Invoice line structure with Qty and Rate

New options are being added to the invoice creation process to allow quantity and rates to be included on the invoice lines. The feature is currently operating in a closed beta test with selected customers before being offered to an extended beta group.

The first phase allows invoices created in time entries mode to have invoice lines created based on the budget structure:

  • Role: one line per budget, per role and billable rate
  • Person: one line per budget, per person and billable rate

Create invoice lines per role or person to include quantity and rate

We expect to make the new invoicing option available for all customers before the end of June 2022.