29 Aug 2021 - Single Sign on and Jira integration

We now the option for single sign on with Microsoft Azure AD. Jira integration is available for beta use. Shadow resources have been enhanced and can have cost rates set.

Included in this release:

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Single sign on with Azure AD

If your organisation authenticates using Microsoft Azure AD you can now set up single sign on with Projectworks.

Your Projectworks administrator will need to complete the setup process and they will need the Azure AD Global Admin credentials. The set up process is quick and easy to complete and you have the option to force all users to authenticate using SSO or you can choose to allow some people to login using the standard Projectworks login process.

Once a person is set as SSO enabled they can only login using their Microsoft online credentials. Any user access policies (eg MFA) you have set up will apply to users logging in to Projectworks. Access within Projectworks is controlled by the access levels they have been assigned in Projectworks.

Refer to the Setting up Single Sign on with Microsoft article for more information. 


Jira integration

Our work on integrations continues and we have our first integration with Jira ready for beta use.  

Phase 1 of our integration allows users to access and update their Projectworks timesheet using the Projectworks Time Tracker jira app. In the next phase of the integration will be be providing the option to link a Jira project to a Projectworks project (and budget) to have Jira tasks created as timecodes in Projectworks.

Email support@projectworks.io if you would like to join the Jira beta programme.


Set cost rates on shadow resources

If you use shadow resources (placeholders or unnamed resources), as well as setting the billable rate you can now set the cost rate to apply. 

The cost of all resourcing (hours resourced multiplied by the cost rate) will feed into the margin reports.  


  • The currency the project is operating under will be used for the cost rate.
  • Remember that only future resourcing is counted when calculating margin.