30 Jan 2022 - Daily & monthly resourcing

More flexibility for resourcing with new options for daily and monthly to supplement weekly.


Feedback or questions? 
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Daily, monthly and weekly resourcing

Managing resourcing in weeks has been a mainstay of Projectworks and it is still here. It's joined by some new friends in the form of daily and monthly options. So you can choose the granularity you prefer to view and maintain your resourcing.

Each person who maintains resourcing can choose the mode they prefer - you might even find that first entering your resourcing in months is the best way to start resourcing your project, and then adjust the weeks as needed.

Or, if you need to specify which day of the week someone needs to work on your project you now have that option.

Things to look out for:

  • Option to resource daily/weekly/monthly
  • Longer timeframes - up to 18 months in month view
  • Ability to group by role, team, penciled and shadows
  • Surfaced comments so they are easier to enter
  • New terminology - "confirmed" for hours that are "unpenciled"
  • Made it easier to see who is on holiday or leave
  • Option to see the whole team on your project, even if they are not resourced
  • Shadows now have a capacity which you can "fill up" (their capacity is the default work week setting in your environment)
  • Resourcing is always saved to a day - If you resource for a month or a week if will evenly spread hours across all available days of that timeframe

Introduction to the new resourcing screens

Please note the Resourcing by Availability and Resourcing vs Actual Worked screens have not been updated yet - they still work only in a weekly mode.


SQL Views

There have been a number of changes to the SQL views as a result of the new options for entering resourcing in different timeframes.

None of the adjustments are breaking changes but please contact us if you have questions on any resourcing reports you have created.


What this means for your existing resourcing data


In daily and monthly mode things will look a bit weird initially.

  • Existing resourcing for each week will look the same, but is dated the Monday of that week
  • In daily mode, resourcing for that week will be shown on the Monday and could look unbalanced.
    • If this bothers you, you can manually change this in daily mode, or
    • go into weekly mode and change the number which will spread the hours across the days
  • In monthly mode, it will show the total resourcing logged for all weeks of that month, this may not be desirable if the last day of the month is a Monday as there is no magic prorating taking place.
  • If this bothers you, you can manually change this in monthly mode. This scopes your resourcing to between the first and last day of the month, regardless of the week days.

Going forward this won’t be a problem. As resourcing is maintained it will automatically be distributed across the working days.