31 Oct 2021 - Template management

Set up and upload templates for invoices and invoice breakdown reports. You can now also have multiple invoice templates in use at one time.

ContacIncluded in this release:

Feedback or questions? 
Email us as support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you!



Projectworks administrators

The templates you are currently using have been migrated into the new templates screen in the admin section. The invoice template is no longer accessed on the organisation page.

  • We encourage you to check the templates screen in the admin section to verify the correct template is set as the default. 
  • We suggest you untick the default invoice template from being available so only your specified templates can be used. 


Template management

Our first phase of template management has been completed, with the new process made available for invoice templates as well as the breakdown report that can accompany invoices. 

  • New templates can be added by uploading a Word document
  • Each template can be downloaded (helpful if you want to create a new version of a template)
  • Templates that haven't been used are able to be deleted

Additional templates will be added in the future, with the next one coming being for Quotes.

Invoice templates

You can upload as many invoice templates as required. Each template needs to be made available for each organisation you will want to issues invoices from. Multiple templates can be available for each organisation, and each organisation must have one template set as a default.

Want help with your invoice template? 
Email support@projectworks.io and one of the team will help you set up additional templates to use. 

Set up multiple invoice templates and make available for use by your organisations

Invoice Breakdown template

Alter the design of the invoice breakdown report that can accompany an invoice. 

While you can update the design and add your logo etc, there is currently only one table structure available.


Specify which invoice template is used on a project

The addition of template management allows you to have multiple invoice templates available for use at the same time. The default template that applies to the organisation the projects is associated will be used unless a different template is selected.

Set the invoice template for a project on the settings > invoicing screen within a project.


Change the template after an invoice is created

If you need to change the template used for an invoice after it has been saved you can do so by selected a different template. Click the Show invoice meta data button to change the template.