5 Jun 2022 - control access to project margin

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Choose how much detail on project margin to share

We're finding more and more customers want to increase the visibility of the margin expectations within a project. To help with that, we have split the access to the margin report within a project into two specific options:

  • Summary only: Only shows the the top block of the margin report - the headline figures for current and projected margin as well as the margin on time and expenses.
  • Everything, incl cost per person: Shows the full report including the cost breakdown (has the cost rates set on people which is often sensitive date)

Access to the margin on the metrics screen is split into two pieces

This allows you to share margin details on a project without showing the detailed breakdown of costs. 

Access to the margin reports (Margin by Project, Margin by Company and Margin by Person) are not affected by this change.

Projectworks administrators

You can edit the setup of your access levels if required - providing access to see the summary only or everything versions of the margin report of the project.

Access to margin on metrics 2