8 Aug 2021 - User permissions update (part 1)

We are underway with rolling out a new and improved process for setting up and assigning user permissions and have hit a key milestone in relation to Single Sign-on.

Included in this release:

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Email us as support@projectworks.io and one of the team will get back to you!


User access levels (permissions)

A significant piece of work is underway which will ultimately provide much more options for how access levels and user permissions are set up. Once complete it will be possible to implement project level access, such as allowing a project manager to only edit details of projects they are managing, or only allowing people to access projects they are assigned to.

We have temporarily removed the ability for you to add or edit the access levels yourselves. You are still able to change which access level a person is allocated, just not alter the what an access level provides access to.

Please contact support@projectworks.io if you need to adjust what your access levels provide access to. 

Clearer options for providing access to time sheets

It is now much easier to understand what permissions have been set to access your own timesheet, those who report to you, or everyone's.  

More granular options for adding/editing leave

Set very specific permissions around controlling access to people's leave - either just your own, the people who report to you, or everyone's. Options include:

  • View
  • Edit (pending or processes)
  • Process
  • Delete (pending, processes, approved)

Easier to understand what permissions have been assigned


Single Sign-on (Azure AD)

A key part of this update is a key milestone on the road to providing the option to utilise single sign-on with Azure AD for authenticating with Projectworks. 

Beta testing is now being conducted ahead of launching SSO in early September - stay tuned for progress updates.