9 Oct 2022 - Time entry locked reason

This release includes:

  • Reason shown if a time entry is locked for editing
  • When your timesheet is open, press enter to add new time entry
  • 12 months forecast by project report has hide/show/group options
  • Report renamed - Financial Projections is now called Forecasts vs Budgets

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There are been a few minor improvements to timesheets.

  • When you open your timesheet press enter to quickly add new time entry

  • If a time entry is locked for editing the reason is explained. It is possible that more than one scenario is valid, but only one reason is shown. Reasons include:

    • Time entry has been invoiced or reviewed
    • Timecode inactive (project, budget, or timecode inactive)

    • Timecode closed, month locked for timesheets

    • Timesheet submitted or approved

    • Person is inactive or doesn’t have an active posting

12 Month Forecasts by project

Updated with with the hide / show group options to provide more control over how the report is presented.

Tip: if you operate in multiple currencies you might want to group by currency to see the totals