Resourcing by availability - who has capacity?

The term "Bench" relates to the capacity that is currently not allocated to activities. 

Projectworks provides a number of options for viewing and editing resourcing for a project of a person. This is great when you are focused on a specific project or person, but there are times when you need to look at the bigger picture, or find some people to work on your project.

The Bench Report is that big picture, providing a forward looking view of the resourcing for the entire organisation. It is a powerful tool and can assist with many aspects of the business, from helping target future sales activity (based on the type of capacity available) or inform future recruiting decisions if there is a long term shortage in a particular team or skill set. 

It's main use case is to help locate resources that have available capacity when you are resourcing a project. That's very helpful for Project Managers. It is also helpful for Team Leads/Managers who may need to monitor the workload of their team. It's second purpose is equally important, it highlights people that are booked over their available capacity. The information can help you smooth out resourcing by redistributing work between people.

By default the availability for a person is based off all resourcing they have been assigned, including resourcing that is pencil booked. The calculation can be toggled to exclude pencil bookings so you can see the total bench based on resourcing that is committed (which can sometimes tell a totally different story). 

The Bench Report

The bench report is located from the People master menu and shows what level people are resourced to. It highlights available capacity as people that are over-booked.

Resourcing is presented and is colour coded to indicate whether a person has available capacity (bench) or if people are over-booked.

  • Fully Resourced, exactly to capacity is shaded green, with a "tick"
  • Fully Resourced and over capacity is shaded green, with the amount of over resourcing shown in red tex
  • Partially Resourced, but has capacity is shaded yellow, with the number of "bench" hours shown
  • No Resourcing allocatedl is shaded pink, with the number of "bench" hours shown

Assigning a project from the Bench Report screen

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