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Export leave details to your payroll system

Projectworks has an integration to Xero payroll, while leave reports can be exported to be loaded into other systems.


The All Leave screen in the leave section allows you to see all leave requests for a date range and filtered so you can see the ones you are more interested in.

You will only be able to see leave requests for the people you have permission to see (reporting lines are used for this). If you have to leave approver superpowers you will be able to see (and approve) all leave from here. 


New page showing all leave, with option to export as CSV


A few tips

  • Filter by status if you just want to identify pending requests - so you can review them (or follow them up)
  • Use the date picker to select a custom date range (eg your payroll period)
  • HR/Payroll people - you can also see leave request for inactive people if needed (eg if an employee has recently left)
  • The CSV exports are based on the filters that are set


Export leave to Xero Payroll

If your organisation is integrated with Xero payroll, leave is automatically exported to Xero when it is approved in Projectworks.


Exporting leave to iPayroll

While there isn't a direct integration between Projectworks and iPayroll available, there is a CSV download report specifically formatted for uploading into iPayroll.

Choose the Download CSV for iPayroll approved requests option to save the leave data ready to upload into iPayroll.

Check the Payroll ID for each person is entered on their Projectworks profile.

Uploading leave requests into iPayroll

The iPayroll formatted CSV file of leave requests can be uploaded in iPayroll in the payroll section.

Navigate to Payroll > Enter > Upload


Note: The iPayroll leave CSV file can not be uploaded in iPayroll from People > Leave Requests

Integrating with other leave systems

The Projectworks API can be used to integrate with other payroll systems. We have customers using the API to connect Projectworks to Employment Hero and BambooHR to streamline their leave process.