How to create and manage quote PDF and email templates

You can create Quote documents quickly on the platform and email them to your customers with a few clicks.

Much like with invoices, the system stores a default quote template that contains key information of the quote. You are also able to edit the template to add a logo, remove details you don’t need or add more information to the template. 

Where to find the PDF template

Where to find the email template

Where to find the PDF template

You can find the quote template with all the other system templates by navigating to Admin → Templates → Quotes.

Quote Template

You will find a default template loaded to the system, and by downloading that and editing in Word you are able to customise the look and feel of the document. To learn more about templates in general read about setting up PDF templates in general.

Like with invoices and expenses, you can have multiple quote templates available, but you must nominate one of them to be the default. The default template is used when you download the quote document either as pdf or word from the quote screen.

You are able to change the default template for a project by going to Project → Settings → Quoting and selecting what the default template for this project should be.

Quote Template Project

Where to find the email template

You can find the email template to accompany the quote document in Admin → Quotes.

Quote Email Template

Same as the quote document, you will find a default email template loaded and ready to use straight away, but you also have the option to customise the message by opening the setting and viewing the message. From there you can edit the text and tags used to contain the information that you want to include in the email.

There is a collection of additional merge tags available for you to use, but as always, it’s a good idea to test how the template looks in an email before adopting the edited template.

Quote Email Template Details