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Projectworks has an API available that can be used to integrate with other systems. Development will need to be conducted by a someone within your organisation or by a technical vendor you engage. Projectworks does not provide development services.


There are specific credentials required to use the API. It is important to note that API credentials will likely provide access to more data that a person can access using via the application.

The account can be disabled to prevent it being used and the keys can be cycled if you want to reset the credentials.

Integration - API Accounts

The credentials used to login into Projectworks application will not work for the API.


Refer to the swagger definition for details of available endpoints →

Not all data within Projectworks is exposed to the API - for example there are no endpoints available for invoices for costs.

There are a few differences in the naming between entities in the application and the endpoints in the API.

Name in Application API endpoint Name
Organisation Office
Company Client
Budget Line Module
Timecode Task
People Users